Web Filtering choices

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Web Filters 101

My career in tech support for Fortune 500 Enterprises and USA wide schools calls from IT staff and Technology Directors have not changed much. I can remember the stress levels these techs were under as they said: ” My Filter is not working”. Most of the time it was not the filter but a configuration or network issue.

Details in block pages

Many web filters in Education K -12 and universities are rendering block pages to objectionable websites. This picture below is a block page warning the user that this site is restricted and the details show why. Not all filters provide this much details.

Three methods of blocking

Web content filtering solutions use three different methods to block access to a web page, blacklists and whitelists, category filters and keyword filters. Most filters use categories to block access to specific groups, and some are granular enough to prevent particular users.

Low budget low results

Tragically, most schools keep on utilizing outdated web filters or DNS blocking that are insufficient. Under-performing filters with regards to blocking access to sites to users, students and applications needed.

Don’t lose your E-Rate

These old systems only give fundamental URL-based protections and are putting CIPA Compliance and E-Rate Funding in danger. If you want excellent filtering, please contact us here today.

What are today’s “must have” in filtering to protect students and teachers?

Granular Filtering

System administrators need a web filter that enables them to make granular policies for students, teachers, classrooms, grade level, area workplaces, and BYOD or Chromebooks. Making individual rule policies are a must have for online assessments and web-based learning.

HTTPS Decryption is an unquestionable requirement

If you find there was an HTTPS request made, but you don’t know what it was, your in a blind place. Any individual who can ask a web crawler “how could I move beyond my school’s block page” will get a bunch of ideas to try, and HTTPS will be in every one of those answers.

Shield from Proxies

Expect that instructors or students will figure out how to check Facebook or blocked online networking destinations. Online proxies are free, simple to discover and a wide range of malware.

Final words on filters”

It’s critical to keep on investigating potential gaps in your filtering solution. “Google it” or search on YouTube “how to bypass xxxxxxx filtering. With TOR programs or free proxies students can figure out how they work so you can know about what staff and students are attempting. There are many blogs and websites. Need an easy to manage, but advanced web filtering solution for your organization? Start your free, fully supported trial today!” contact us here today.