Enterprise Web Filtering

Enterprise Internet filter services automatically generate reports that administrators can use to monitor compliance with acceptable use policies and ensure that employees are not attempting to circumvent filter settings and blocking anonymizer services that can bypass the web filtering service. It is recommended to implement an enterprise-grade Internet content filter that can and is capable of multi-lingual filtering.

How Enterprise Internet Filter Services Eliminate Bandwidth Issues

A further benefit of enterprise Internet filter services is that they can be used to eliminate bandwidth issues. Few organizations have unlimited bandwidth and, during periods of high Internet traffic, organizations can experience slow Internet speeds or a limited service that prevents employees from accessing and replying to their emails.

Organizations experiencing bandwidth issues have the choice of paying for more bandwidth or reducing their bandwidth use. A simple way of reducing bandwidth use is to restrict access to websites such as Netflix and YouTube with an enterprise web filtering service. By limiting access to video streaming websites – and other bandwidth-heavy applications – organizations can ensure that adequate bandwidth is available to all employees at all times.


Enterprise Internet filter services can be configured by the user, user group, or by time. Consequently, departments that need access to video streaming sites and bandwidth-heavy applications can be excluded from the general access restrictions, or have access granted during specific times of the day when the level of Internet traffic is lower.