Cybersecurity for 2019

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5 ways cyber-actors threaten your network

Cyber Actor 1
The Explore

Hackers called “Actors” in web security use different methods. “The explore” might try to gain login credentials by mimicking a web site that looks like a banking or Paypal email.
They add issues in the email about your accounts is closed! Click here to login and verify. After the user receives an incorrect login credential, he is redirected to the actual bank site while the user never knew the email was a fake. The Actor one now has your banking credentials!

Cyber Actor 2
The Hacktivist or Hacktivism

Hacktivism is the use of technology to promote a political agenda or a social change. If your company supports something they disagree with, your enterprise becomes a target. Something they attempt might be a denial of service attack. By using Botnets and loading malware on many computers, the control command center will launch the malware to DDoS the system and bring it down.

DDOS how it works

Cyber Actor 3
Cyber Terrorist

Failures in cybersecurity have the potential to destabilize an enterprise overnight. Companies are now deeply dependent on their systems and data and need AI and machine learning development to speed up and develop these algorithms to detect Phishing attempts to users before they download to the mail inbox. Sandboxing is so important to test and invoke in these smart systems. The example below was a Phishing email.

Actor 4
The Cybercriminal

This is organized crime, money motivated hackers, some buying malware tools, even customer service if you pay a price to perform an attack for the opportunist. Point of sale or any credit card info. Ransomware is more popular than ever. Why k-12 needs Web filtering and parents need to ask their teenager show me what you’re doing on that black screen with jibberish on the screen.
Watch a 15-year-old get into the Whitehouse

Actor 5
The Cyber Warrior

Their operations use all the above methods but primarily looking for vulnerabilities in software. Known as zero-day exploits. These actors can attack our enemies or even to find terrorists or Americans doing bad things.