About Us

Why US?

The VarStop staff has worked for many of the top web filtering solutions. That provides us with an advantage over most Resellers because we know the pains and needs of the IT. Education challenges are in flux every year. Challenges with SSL Decryption are difficult. Sites like Google, Facebook and YouTube are ever changing.

BYOD (Bring your own device) brings new problems. Off-campus Chromebooks! But we have answers to all these concerns and work extra hard to gain your confidence. Quick turn around and Best pricing, “Best of Breed Filtering”. Just fill out our form here.

Our experience with Fortune 500 companies and educational organizations on issues like SSL, Load Balancing, Active Directory, Firewalls, Proxies, and Mobile concerns, give us the upper hand working with our vendors.

Enterprise Filtering vs Education Filtering

Corporate solutions can differ because in comparison to education needs. Reporting is essential for corporations, security concerns and permissions of website access to corporate executives. Because most persons are adults in a company there are different needs.

Education requires CIPA compliance which most solutions provide, but special filtering and access forYouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, SnapChat are a challenge for administrators due to SSL encryption. We have that covered with a solution that decrypts on the fly! Yes, and up to 10 Gig pipes! Email us here

Monitoring software can also help you prevent students from bullying or harassing other students online while using school-issued devices. A lot goes into protecting your students and your district legally from information negligence and abuses.