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Cybersecurity is a growing concern as schools collect an increasing amount of data on students

Spending 10k to 100k on a security solution is not the problem, keeping your manager from losing their job or much worse, you become the fall guy!  Keeping users safe is always a priority but hackers are phishing for records of value like credit cards, financials, social security numbers that are valuable to sell in the black market. When an intrusion occurs the finger pointing begins and depending on the data stolen lawsuits start and people lose their jobs. You cannot afford to buy inferior solutions just to be CIPA compliant these days. Developers marketing, salaries must be paid and next-gen solutions are not on sale! The only plug and play solutions are in the cloud because they are already configured for you.

Unfortunately, most schools and small business still use legacy web filters that are ineffective and inflexible. Web Filters should deliver smarter content filtering with an AI database, user identification, reporting, mobile filtering, and SSL decryption. Fortinet provides top-rated network and content security, as well as secure access products that share intelligence and work together to form a cooperative fabric. Some of there groundbreaking solutions use a sandbox solution where malware and other nefarious code is inspected before the data reaches the user.

We will do a demo of Firewalls, Web Filtering, and Email solutions because of our commitment to helping you find your best solution. Issues like limited Classroom controls, Chromebooks, SSL decryption, Cloud-Based filtering, Reporting, granular controls and more are available. There’s more, like Project management, and pricing. “free of charge” of today’s latest technologies with our vendors:

Making the connection

We not only sell web filtering products for Education but also for Enterprise as well. We understand web security and “cut to the chase” on the process to save you time and money. We listen to every detail because we can match a security web filter or email solution quickly. At VarStop we’ll take action and ask the right questions to get you pricing and a solution to meet your needs.

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Email us today at this link and a technical engineer will connect you to a project manager to start the process: no worries, no fees, or extra charges during the initial quote period.

Scalable, Configurable and Compliant

We have answers! Here are some challenges you might have:

– Need for more granularity to allow certain large domains like Google?
– Lacking in SSL Decryption for Youtube or Facebook?
– Would you like to have apps that are read-only like Facebook?
– Do you need Reports for unproductive or nefarious issues on the network?
– Chromebooks only solutions? No problem.

Some of our solution engineers and go out to install the systems with your IT professionals. Our staff has been employed by top internet Filtering solutions. We know the right affordable solutions for your network.